"Do Something" - Quote from 'The Animals'

If you were an observer looking down on the Earth, you'd see that 90% of the 'non-wild' animals are in captivity, abject misery, being used against their will for our pleasure and tastebuds.

If you could sense pain, you'd see massive red spots on your Earth map where slaughterhouses violently end beautiful animals' lives.  And you'd see that over 90% of the dominant species 'don't want to know'  about the issue.

Animals just want to be 'left the f!ck alone', and who can blame them? Humans are biologically & psychologically designed for empathy & feeling. It's very harmful to us to be violent to others we perceive to be innocent & vulnerable.

The non-human animals need you to get more active and help address this critical Social Justice issue. Equality & justice begin on your plate, but extend to a moral imperative to right this wrong. What are you waiting for?


Of the 77 billion land animals living in 'civilization', 70 billion or 90% are farmed animals that have been bred for human use. How crazy is that? We talk about how we are using up the planet's resources way too fast - and polluting and decimating this jewel of a planet, and yet we continue to immorally filter the nutrients that all come from plants through unwilling victim, to the detriment of the Earth.

The Living Planet Index (LPI) predicts mass ecological collapse by 2025 - less than 10 years away. Yes, you read that right...


"Sugar is poison, Seitan is glue, but we're in it for the animals, so F!ck You."

Hey - but just in case you're also interested in your health, the advantages of a plant-based diet are numerous. Google the 'China Study', or watch 'What the health' on Netflix. And even if you eat processed plantbased food and don't live any longer, the animals will. And it's about them, not us.

Next Steps...

Nothing feels as good as joining like-minded people and promoting justice for vulnerable victims - please get active, it's a lot easier than you think. Betting there's a bunch of local groups in your area...google it, or ask us!