Are Crazy Animal Liberation Activists hurting the movement?

No social justice movement has ever advanced without disruption to the social normĀ  - making what was once 'normal' or 'traditional' into something viewed as unacceptable. If some forms of activism aren't for you, try something different - but support & defend all types of activism - the animals are literally dying by the billions, and most people don't even want to know - so let's get out there...

Do you care more about the animals than people?

Promoting justice for non-human animals doesn't mean you can't care about people too. In fact, we view our advocacy as connected in the dismantling of other forms of oppression that rely on devaluing the interests and needs of others based on arbitrary biological circumstances.

To those doing important advocacy work for humans, we support and applaud you as this work is important too.

Other objections?

Earthling Ed is a great activist who has a free e-book that addresses many of the most common objections to veganism and activism. You can download it free here:

Earthling Ed's free e-book