Our Approach

We're Abolitionists - this means we don't believe that animals should be used at all in the 21st Century. Even though we may not understand their voices, and we "may" be more intelligent than them, this does not give us the right to use their bodies and take their lives for our pleasure. We searched for the best'anti-speciesism website, and decided to create one instead.

Our Story

This website is born out of a desire to reframe the debate as the Social Justice issue that it is - different but equally dire as slavery, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism etc.

We were all pre-vegans once (pre-gans) - and we've moved through and still support different kinds of activism (one-on-one 'be nice' conversations, outreach, disruptions, influencing public policy etc).

Love the Approach, So Get the Fridge magnet

The "pig = dog = human' nosSpeciesism message is available in an attractive 2" x 3.5" fridge magnet - we're not trying to make money, but we would like to spread the message. Send us an email on the 'Contact us' page if you would like one on a cost-basis.

Next Steps...

Join a local group / wear a symbol of our fight for non-humans, (tattoo / button / t-shirt / etc)