'Stop Maple Leaf Violence' - Facebook

Maple Leaf Foods propose a mega-slaughterhouse for London, Canada that will take the lives of up to 500,000 individuals every day - we are challenging them on their policy on Speciesism - sign up to the Facebook campaign page for updates.


Weekly Animal Liberation Meetings

Email stopspeciesism@gmail.com to learn more about weekly meetings related to speciesism and animal liberation in London.

Animal Liberation Conference Toronto

Visit the Facebook Page for more details on the Animal Liberation Toronto Conference from August 16th-19th 2019.




2018 LIVE Summer Tour

The tour was a great success - many bridges built, regional and individual activism supported.

Check the LIVE Live Intentional Vegan Experience Instagram and Facebook pages for details.



The assumption of human superiority (Speciesism) lead to the discrimination and exploitation of other species of sentient beings who feel pain and love just as we do (friends, family & feelings).

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Disrupt speciesism wherever you find it. Reject the language of speciesism & correct those who use it. Make using other animals & objectifying them socially unacceptable.

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Speciesism started when we began domesticating other animals. The act of confining & using other against their will is a violent act. Humans are designed for empathy, and it is very harmful to us to be violent to others.

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How do we end Speciesism?

We must recognize our human privilege & stop using it to benefit from the exploitation of non-human animals. Instead, we will use our human privilege to speak out against injustice and to advocate against speciesism on their behalf.

Reject speciesism and the property status of animals by living vegan and educating others about veganism.

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Next Steps...

Visit the Resources page, educate yourself on Speciesism, get active with a local group or just reach out to us through the Contact page for more info. The animals need you - right now!